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Sydney White

“Embrace timeless purity and sophistication with this pristine shade, creating a serene and modern ambiance.”

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French Grey

“Immerse the entire space in elegance with this soft and luxurious grey, which blends effortlessly with a variety of interior styles.”

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Greek Blue

"Infuse your space with vibrant energy inspired by the Mediterranean hues, adding a touch of adventure and uniqueness."

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"Timeless Charm with Modern Simplicity"

Our New Luxury
Cabinet Line - Slim Shaker

Achieve the ideal blend of timeless allure and modern aesthetics with these elegant, minimalist cabinets that effortlessly elevate any space, be it a farmhouse-style kitchen or a sleek, contemporary bathroom.

About us

Sunique International is a fast-growing wholesale supplier of high-quality building materials. We are committed to provide excellent customer service and premium building materials at competitive prices. Sunique International Cabinets ensures our products are durable and formaldehyde free. We are dedicated to bring the largest selection of environmentally sustainable building materials from around the world to you.

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